The title really doesn't make sense till near the end of the game

I recently broke down and purchased “Limbo” for the Xbox 360 on it’s marketplace- or as it has been called by various people “3 hours of perfection for 15 bucks”. That’s about the gist of it, though the ending irritates me to no end…

Save the prin-i-mean-sister from peril!

The game’s setup is classic, much like the basic gameplay. It’s a side-scroller in which you must traverse increasingly dangerous and devious levels in order to rescue the main character’s sister. You play as a boy who seems to be fearless and frankly doesn’t mind going through mortal peril in order to slap a bitch ensure the safety of his beloved sibling.

I'm sailing on a ship- not sure where I'm going

Throughout the game, the idea that you’re going to save this kid’s sister is the only real goal, and that’s assuming you’ve watched a trailer or read up on the game. Otherwise it’s ambiguous and horribly fascinating.

Scariest boss fight ever?

The lengths this kid goes through are horrible and terrifying, and yet somehow hilariously fun-to-watch. It’s similar to Portal in terms of puzzle wackiness, and the death scenes are worse than Resident Evil 4. It’s the sort of game you might be afraid to like because it represents a darker side of you which you don’t know the origin of.

Tourism doesn't seem to be big around here

All in all I’d have to say that Limbo was very satisfying while it lasted. However, when the ending literally slams into your face, you’ll likely feel put out. I can tell you that despite liking the game, I’ll be very wary of buying the second one. And I’m sure there will be a second one. This game was certainly unique. If you’re tired of generic shooters and racing games that have been popping up all over the place, this will be a good distraction. The Achievements are a particularly awesome pain in the ass challenge.

Bleak afterlife, or next cosplay idea? :3