The game is all about not sucking. Don’t suck at shooting, don’t suck at button-mashing, and don’t suck at running towards objectives. If you play video games with any amount of regularity, then you will be thoroughly confused by the control scheme of this game. Then you’ll probably find this game extremely monotonous and beat it. Or maybe you’ll chuck it and go play Gears of War, which remains better than this game by leaps and bounds. Nice Capcom, you’ve screwed up even worse than you did with DMC4 and RE5…

Considering hot tactically dangerous these things are, one wonders why someone hasn't just destroyed them...

The data posts are the core of Lost Planet 2’s gameplay. Not the guns (which are just oversized enough to make everything seem silly instead of epic), the mechs (which aren’t quite as useful as they should be), or the aliens (which are overpowered until you deign to play as one of them), it’s all about the little red columns that make up the so-called checkpoints in this game. This game is like an online mass-co-op shooter without much of the co-op. The game is strict when it’s unnecessary and easy in points that make the game boring. It demands co-op, but makes it hard for anyone to actually join up and play a co-op game.

On the one hand it’s very old school in it’s classical (monotonous) objective-based gameplay, but it tries to inject a story and make things dynamic at the same point…. and fails spectacularly.

Point. Shoot. Reload. Activate Date Post. That's IT.

The story skips around from character to character in four different factions on the planet of EDNIII. Everyone hates each other and tries to kill one another to survive. But they come together to face a giant threat [spoiler]the planet needs a zit popped[/spoiler]. Stereotypical and weak.

It helps to dull the pain

Generic music in this game wants to be epic, but I tuned it out, then ended up putting on some infected mushroom. I got more interested in the music than I did in the game. You could argue that it’s a problem present in all 360 games, but that would be wrong. Of course I’m going to listen to the game’s music if it’s good. You only turn on 360 music when the game music is unimportant, you’ve played through a hundred times (somethign Capcom assumes you have done before you even beat the game), or if it’s multiplayer, which generally has no music anyways.

Silly Capcom, with their self-advertising

The game’s graphics look about as good as Resident Evil 5, which isn’t bad. That’s probably the one thing they spent the longest working on in this game.

There is one redeeming feature in this game that I somehow wish would make it into all other capcom games in the future… perhaps even other companies could use it. That feature is the emotes on your character. You’re able to customize button-presses which activate up to 8 different emotional actions from your character such as a wave or a soldierly “move forward” command. Having a fully armored pirate jump around like a schoolgirl then get stepped on by a giant bug is very hilarious. Indeed, perhaps Capcom realized near the end of the developmental cycle that no one was truly going to take this game seriously, so they went all-out with this feature.

Hyper-active Japanese school girls? In my shooter?

Lost Planet 2 is probably at least a bit more fun if you can get at least one person to play co-op with you through the entire campaign. Kinda like Resident Evil 5. How very…. Japanese of them. They find out a new aspect of something is successful so they force everyone involved to do that… and these guys are the business giants of the world? *sigh* It’s almost like Capcom wants to return to the good old days of arcades and four players to one machine….

Back in the day

Lost Planet 2 was made by Capcom. Infected Mushroom made Deck & Shecker. They’re also quite awesome. Everything else, as they say, is waffles.