Lightning is almost as disappointed as me

If you look at that headline you’ll probably get the wrong idea. This game wasn’t a disappointment for being different from other final fantasies, nor was it a disappointment because it was “linear”. On the contrary, the disappointment was that after the game sets itself up to be refreshing and different, it suddenly takes a 180 40 hours or so in at the beginning of Chapter 11 and decides to be like every other goddamn RPG out there. I enjoyed the linear nature because it let me focus more on the story and less on pointless, unfulfilling level-grinding. To suddenly be forced into wandering around an open plain for 50 hours in order to level up is a slap in the face. And believe me, I tried to simply skip that part and continue on with the story. The game quickly kills you off if you attempt this.

Another problem with this hell-face turn is the story at this point in the game. Up till now, the characters have had a high degree of tension because they had a myriad of issues with each other as well as the whole life-or-death situation with the military chasing them. Suddenly being dropped on a planet with no sign of any other living humans, all of that is gone. The urgency that kept pushing me to go forward in the game is gone. Not even these little bonus missions can distract me from the fact that the game has become boring and frankly stupid. I enjoyed it when the characters where inches from tearing each other’s throats out. I also liked having to dodge authorities. The fact that the game just kind of…. stopped…. is a huge disappointment.

It doesn’t help in the least that I actually like the characters in this game. Seriously, this is almost as bad as reading manga only to catch up with the most recent chapters… except that it will never be finished (kinda). Lightning herself is my favorite FF protagonist so far.

So yeah, there goes a little more of my faith in… things… down the toilet. Shit, unless XIII-2 is some kind of Kingdom Hearts Hackn’slash style game, I don’t even know if I’ll play it. (EDIT: Yeah, I’ll play it. Lightning and all…) In the meantime, I’m gonna go see if there’s any youtube playthroughs of this shit….

EDIT: Oh, how interesting, even the goddamn playthroughs have 90 hour grinding sessions. Goddammit Square Enix, go die.