Also known as “Salvation War.”I was fortunate to read a story written by “Stuart” over at If it weren’t for the likely BS copyrights that would come up if he did try to publish the story, I’d say he was sitting on a goldmine. Very well written, if militarily sympathetic, and goes into the thought processes of basically every side in a ware between Earth and Hell. Curbstomp.

“Declaring war on Hell
High-speed aerial warfare, Tin-foil hats, artillery barrages, floating volcanoes, excommunicating the pope, the literal highway to Hell, a political chess match with Julius Caesar and a transexual psychic opening portals are par for the course. Come and see a United Mankind Curbstomp Hell. It’s all just prep for the real battle in the works. ;)”

crappy summary? I figured something like this would go on the back if it were published as a novel…

EDIT: It WILL be published…. excellent.

Find it HERE courtesy of