Ever remember being excited about the future? Yeah, those were good times… Times that have most certainly past.

They say a college education is a prerequisite for any decent job nowadays, which equates to massive debt being a prerequisite for making money, assuming I had the motivation to get it all done in one try in the first place.This may just be little more than selfish whining, but I’m a tad burnt out with the whole education=success thing. I have people on all sides yammering away telling me my education won’t guarantee shit in this economy, that people many times smarter/more diligent than me are unemployed, that I should be thankful to be among the richest demographic in the world, etc. So honestly? Yeah, I don’t even know where to go from here. Without any real passion that I can translate into a decent job with income, and no real skills or experience to apply, and no ambition left after the bombardment that is real life, I’m basically stuck. Again, whining, but really what else can I do? I see a bunch of potential outcomes for various paths I could take, and most of them end with me in a more miserable situation than what I have now.

I’ve been frantically running toward a vague future like a chicken with its’ dick cut off only to stop in the middle and realize I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

A smart person would’ve thought up some crazy scheme by now to ensure victory over the masses. Me? I seem to be capable of little more than waving at opportunity as it passes me by, pissing on my chances for a future.

Well, it’s not like I’m hopeful for anything past 45 years anyway. People don’t keep burnt toast around on purpose after all…