So this is an update coming about mostly due to the fact that I don’t want this blog thing to die horribly in an internet fire from inactivity. Because if you leave something alone for long periods of time, it gets progressively harder to get back into. Kinda like the Water Temple in Zelda. Also, there’s the whole fact that despite having played a number of games since LA Noire, I’ve made no reviews, mostly due to me seeing the futility of that endeavor. If I were to take this review thin anywhere, I’d need more people to get it places. At this point, that just isn’t happening. I wonder if it’s common in my generation to see the potential outcomes of a situation and promptly give up the whole thing? No? Just me? Alright, just making sure.

So this is the one where I fight the dodongos right?

There’s also the naive notion of mine that anyone would read this, which I have to say is incredibly unlikely. Youtube is just so much more convenient. I could take 20 classes on making an internet blog for journalism, and I wouldn’t get any traffic. So if I do update this again, I’ll probably just do something generic with a bit of humor thrown in. Sorry non-existent fans.

Still, at least I didn’t just drop the thing entirely right?